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Buddhism and Pali cover

Buddhism and Pali

How can the language that the Buddha used help us to understand what the Buddha thought?

What Do Buddhists Believe?

Tony Morris explores Buddhism’s appeal, and gives an acute insight into its essential beliefs

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Buddhism AND

Gay Watson reflects on one of our smallest but most important words.

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Gay Watson was born and brought up beside the seaside, in Sussex. After a varied career as a TV researcher, running and curating a gallery and craft shop, parenting and farming, she returned to study in mid-life, gaining an BA Hons degree followed by a PhD in Religious Studies from SOAS, University of London. Simultaneously she trained as a psychotherapist with the Karuna Institute of Core Process Psychotherapy.


Bringing these strands together, Gay has written extensively about Buddhism and psychotherapy and, more recently, art. The Resonance of Emptiness; A Buddhist Inspiration for a Contemporary Psychotherapy (1998), her published thesis was followed by Beyond Happiness, Deepening the Dialogue Between Buddhism, Psychotherapy and the Mind Sciences (2008), A Philosophy of Emptiness (2014), and Attention, Beyond Mindfulness (2017).


For many years Gay was a Trustee of Dartington Hall in Devon, where she lives for most of the year. The remainder she spends in California, the home of her husband, David.

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