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Buddhism and Pali cover

Buddhism and Pali

How can the language that the Buddha used help us to understand what the Buddha thought?

Buddhism and the Menopause

How does Buddhist practice help us to navigate this time of life?

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Buddhism AND

Gay Watson reflects on one of our smallest but most important words.

Meet the authors

Claire O’Brien is best known as a writer of funny stories for children. Her Cordelia Codd series was published to great acclaim, and she has several titles with Oxford University Press including Absolutely Awful Adults, Pinocchio, Wind in the Willows and A Job for George and Milo.


Claire’s varied day jobs have included nursery and primary school teaching, management in the National Health Service, and communications for a university. She now writes full-time from a cottage in Buckinghamshire where she is working on an historical novel for adults set in eighteenth century France. When not at her desk she gardens, draws, and walks in the Chiltern Hills.


Claire has been a practising Nichiren Buddhist for almost thirty years and is an active volunteer with SGI-UK.


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