Mud Pie

Mud Pie does what it says on the crust.

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Please help yourself to a piece of the pie.

Why the name?

It all goes back to a story from an ancient text:

One day the Buddha was passing through a remote village on his travels. He came upon two little boys playing in the street. They were bare-footed and grimy but their eyes shone brightly and they called out when they saw him, for he was well known and loved in those parts. They wanted to present an offering to him, but were so poor they had nothing to give. So one of them scraped up the dirt at his feet, mixed it in a puddle and carefully fashioned it into a mud pie. Reverently he presented the mud pie to the Buddha.
The Buddha accepted it graciously,
bowed deeply and smiled.

A century later the boy was reborn as the Emperor Ashoka, the greatest of all India’s rulers.

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