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bodhisattvablues englsih 960 - Bodhisattva Blues

Bodhisattva Blues

Ed is stuck in a rut – his part-time ‘career’ is going nowhere, his love life’s a joke and his wallet’s always empty.
The thing about a rut, though, is at least you know where you are.

So when Ed runs into an old acquaintance and is sucked into a drama of street crime and high-stakes property dealings, he turns to the principles that once served him well. Except – he’s not sure if he can still trust them, especially as his Buddhist practice is a bit on the rusty side…

Written by Edward Canfor-Dumas, award-winning screen writer and novelist, this is an urban story with a twist and a wry appreciation of the challenges we face every day – whether we’re muddling by, or, like Ed, suffering from a severe case of the bodhisattva blues…