Buddhism and - Buddhism AND:

Buddhism AND:

The little and usually overlooked word AND lies at the very heart of Buddhist thought and practice, for it links interdependence and abundance. As Gay Watson shows in this elegant and thought-provoking book, appreciating the power of AND not only changes our perspective: it can change our life.

She writes: ‘If a modest mud pie expressed the noble intention of a gift to the Buddha, so may the humble word “AND” express the wonder and richness of Buddhist thought … a brief conjunction which reveals the rich, complex interdependence and impermanence of everything.’

‘AND is not merely additive; it is creative.’
Iain McGilchrist

Reviews on Amazon:

‘In increasingly binary times Gay Watson challenges us to think about the space in-between, the silence that defines a sound, the exhaled breath that allows us to breathe again.’

‘A jewel of a book which goes to the heart of Buddhist practice and thought … An original and thought-provoking meditation on the idea and experience of a continuous and contingent universe.’

‘This small book is a treasure. Gay Watson’s writing is at once elegant and profound. Highly recommended.’