Edward Canfor-Dumas

A graduate of New College, Oxford, Edward has authored two best-selling books on Buddhism: The Buddha in Daily Life (with Richard Causton, 1988) and The Buddha, Geoff and Me (2005) – both of which are still in print. In 2014 he published the follow-up to his 2005 novel with Bodhisattva Blues.

He has also written numerous scripts for UK television. His award-winning credits include the worldwide BBC hits Pompeii: The Last Day (nominated for two British Academy of Film and Television Awards) and Supervolcano.

Alongside his writing, Edward is very active in the promotion of nonviolent approaches to the management of conflict. He took the lead role in founding the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues in 2006, co-founded the conflict management consultancy Engi in 2011 and is a member of the UK Chief of Defence Staff’s Strategy Forum.

Edward is currently co-leading an international military initiative called ‘Understand to Prevent’, which involves a number of NATO member states and is developing practical ways for armed forces to contribute to the prevention of violent conflict.

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