Into the Flow FC - INTO THE FLOW


A Gentle Guide to Mindfulness Meditation

This is a book about getting into – and going with – the Flow. It continues the voyage of self-discovery Elizabeth English outlined in Journeys to the Deep.

With gentle humour and insight, Elizabeth dovetails lyrical prose and beautifully crafted poems. She writes:

Being in the flow is the best way to get anything done – and the best way to be happy. A flow-state is an optimum state. Plunging fully into life, there is a way to make what we do the same as what we want. The good thing is, when we practise meditation, we practise flow. We gather our energies – all the different parts of ourself – into a current that sweeps in and around and through life’s obstacles.

‘This is a book of real wisdom and grace; a travelling companion for the work that is done in silence, far below the surface of the mind.’
Rowan Williams