Satyadasa David Waterston

Satyadasa David Waterston is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order. He leads retreats and classes for the London Buddhist Centre and was the first tutor for Buddhism at Eton College.

Satyadasa studied Law at Keble College, Oxford. After a spell as a crime reporter at the Old Bailey, he lived and served at the London Buddhist Centre for several years. Since then he has worked as a solicitor in commercial and environmental law, and trained as a functional health coach with the Kresser Institute in California.

His memoir, The Sound Of One Hand, draws on more than twenty-five years close experience of the Buddhist community in the UK. It also explores what it was like growing up with only one hand.

Satyadasa lives in East London with his wife and young son. He has seen Bob Dylan perform more times than he would advise, is currently enjoying the novels of Sebastian Barry, and likes to wild swim, or just dip, whenever he gets the chance.

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