Oceans Within - OCEANS WITHIN


A Gentle Guide to Mindfulness Meditation

This book is dedicated to ‘those who want to get into meditation (and wonder if they can.)’ It continues the voyage that began with Journeys to the Deep and Into the Flow.

With gentle humour and insight, Elizabeth English dovetails lyrical prose and beautifully crafted poems. Her simple but profound message is: ‘Meditate as you can, not as you can’t.’ She writes:

There is no one way, no ‘right’ way, to meditate. But there is a way to meditate which leads to ease and enjoyment. When you meditate you learn to navigate, to steer a course, to surf the waves of life and consciousness. You are a sea of selves. More than that: you are the whole ocean and all the waves within it.

‘This is a book of real wisdom and grace; a travelling companion for the work that is done in silence, far below the surface of the mind.’
Rowan Williams